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The SMUD Board of Directors approved the SKK Developments and BlackPine Communities team in 2021 as the developer for its 59th Street Reuse project, which will redevelop its 59th Street site into a multi-use, sustainable, transit-oriented, infill project that will help achieve SMUD’s ambitious carbon reduction goals by serving as an all-electric development.


In 1946, SMUD purchased the 59th Street Reuse project from PG&E when taking over as the electric service provider for Sacramento. 


Since then, the community and the utility have grown exponentially. After moving its field services to the new East Campus building off Bradshaw Road, SMUD has engaged in an extensive process to evaluate the 59th Street property and decide future plans.

One of SMUD’s core values is to enhance the vitality of its community and engage local residents, community groups, and city leaders in discussions about community needs and ideas for redevelopment of the property.


Project Timeline

Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 4.50.36 PM.png

Please note this is a preliminary timeline and is subject to change. This timeline was last updated in: May 2021.

About SKK & BlackPine

SKK Developments and BlackPine Communities are two of the most innovative and prolific developers in the Greater Sacramento Area. Led by Sotiris Kolokotronis and Mike Paris respectively, they have a combined half century of experience in multifamily and single-family residential development primarily in the area’s urban core.

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